Premium Health Club

Our Fitness Premium Health Club/Center for Prevention is operated by Physical Therapists with different sport education/background. We offer very modern (computer) analysis of muscles function/strength, evaluations, and consulting for those who have demands regarding individualized and holistic Fitness Training, thus ensuring great health and peak performance ability. Our facility provides training for all ages and performance levels. We are here to help you reaching your full body potential!


Physiotherapy clinic

We are an international Physical Therapy Clinic in Munich–Bogenhausen which is under one roof with a Health Promotion Club/Prevention Center. Our special focus is physical therapy treatment related to:

  • Orthopedic Medicine/Rehabilitation (e.g. Osteoarthritis, Spinal Disc Herniation, Skoliosis ...)
  • Traumatology (after accidents)
  • Lymphatic Drainage (e.g. after Breast Cancer)

Physio Center Arabellapark GmbH (PCA), International Premium Health Club and Physiotherapy Clinic in Munich is specialized on Health Promotion, Personal Training/Athletic Coaching/Sport–Physiotherapy, Orthopedic Medicine, Rehabilitation and Traumatology. Languages spoken: German, English, Russian, Croatian and Bavarian.

Premium Fitness

Be smart by investing in health! Here at PCA you can maintain and enhance strength and flexibility in a pleasant atmosphere with intensive prefessional supervision. We look forward to consult and coach you to quickly achieve optimal health and bring your sport performance to a peak level! 

Holistic Approach

We emphasize a holistic approach which is not just focused on the injured/painful body regions but take in consideration the entire body as 1. the pain could be refered from a distant region, e.g. inner organ and 2. the treatment result will be more profound and long lasting. In other words: The alleviation of symptoms is not the main goal but the analysis and treatment of the causes.

Movement specialist

Physiotherapists are the experts for the analysis and treatment of movement related disorders (muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments). Without needles, knives and pills, we care for your treatment and prevention of orthopedic disorders. Just ask us in an uncomplicated way in order to learn what we can do for you in detail and what you can do yourself to remove pain and avoid ailments.